Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ali power to help her mother five years beyond the traditional media blog

Research founder, Executive Director Jen McClure at the First BlogWorld Expo around the world to play a shot in the arm of Friends: the next 5 years, the media spent on the so-called controversial 鈹?鈹?includes content such as blog and podcast network media advertising costs will be higher than the newspapers, magazines and other traditional media. Jen McClure's words inspiring, but the best representative of the blog as web2.0, the actual situation in China is the main blog have to suffer the anguish can not be profitable. Looking As a result, Xu Jinglei, Lao Pan and other famous stars achieved both fame and fortune through the blog, but the blog's Road Star is unable to copy the Friends General Bo. Friends of the vast majority of ordinary Bo run, although you are very hard, very fast updates, articles of good quality, views are also very high, and even fixed fans already have their own group, or useless. The results are the same, ordinary people could not gain any revenue from the blog.

In fact, the largest blog advertising advantage from accurate advertising. Each Expo has its own specific wording of Friends of style, theme and the reader is relatively fixed age structure of advertisers who will become the basis for accurate delivery. But if the advertisers to do this work, it is too difficult. Blog tracking and search site Technorati, said: At present, about 110 million Internet blog, every day of approximately 120,000 new blog, Bowen released a day about 1.5 million. Allow advertisers to face a flood of updates for their products to salvage a blog style seems a bit unreasonable. On the other hand, the majority of Friends of Bo Bo is struggling with no income, can not find those where the wealthy lords.

Bo Yi Ying difficult to solve the program still need to e-commerce, on-line just over two months, Ali is undoubtedly the best choice mother. Ali Mama C2C trading model-based advertising completely opened the Expo Friends of the channel with advertisers. Ali mom of a free trade as the financial market, and demand (advertisers) Ali first entered the mother needed the trading floor in various blog categories, standing in the central gesture of a hand gestures (I want to buy anything), around the trading of interest Members reported on their willingness to quickly look up the price of transactions, transactions both at the same time, the Office receive a transaction fee. Ali mom of supply and demand sides with the possibility of trading venues and trading. Majority of bloggers on the Internet speaking, it is more important than anything else. At present, Ali Mama cat has started flapping and bokee cooperation received from the information within the Ali Mama, the new blog advertising every day in more than 20,000, and has many friends by Ali, mother Bo trading platform get the benefits.

Jen McClure's prediction can be achieved, at least for now seems a long way off, but Ali's mother has the key to a profitable blog bloggers, whether through that key open the door to wealth, as soon as possible in the era of sub-blog profit share depends on your choice of the Bo faithful.


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