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Cabinet handling line details

Cabinet level within the twisted pair in the back of the cabinet. In the past, do not sort out these twisted pair, or a simple bandage immediately after the patch panel, then, from behind the cabinet looked like a waterfall as the level of heave twisted pair, where the number of roots or nylon random lashing strap on both sides of the cabinet. We focus on concern the performance of each twisted pair tested.

With the increased level of wiring, cabling systems engineering business has been through the construction process and checks at each level, be sure to have each thread through performance testing. Then, attention turned to the beautiful.

According to GB, the vertical cable tray within 1.5 meters should be banding every time (to prevent the cable should pull the weight of produce distortion caused by cable), on the inside and does not require the level of bridge. The end panels, cabinets, patch panels, wiring box in accordance with the standards must be parallel to the two bottom corners, so the beauty of wiring systems mainly in the engine room on the cable part.

The engine room of the cable into the enclosure often patch panel patch panel or wall hanging. In this article, mainly related to the management line of rack-type patch panel technology.

In the cabinet front, manufacturers have created a variety of shapes patch panels, patch cord manager and other components, the positive aesthetic has been no problem. The cabinet rear of the beautiful, often for people's attention, causing people not to visit after the completion of the internal cabinet.

In the engine room, it should be done into the engine room of each line from the beginning until the patch panel of the module so far, should not be smooth vertical and horizontal cross. Cable in accordance with the requirements of electronic equipment, so that each corner part has a fixed cable, cable in the corner office to ensure a certain degree of turning radius, while to achieve smooth vertical and horizontal.

The requirements also apply to the cabinet rear. Since the level of twisted-pair is no longer arranged into a waterfall-type ideal, and therefore the level of the cabinet should be reasonable on the twisted pair cable.

Line management of the term has been heard from in a number of construction workers, but the implications are all different, the reason is that management practices are not the same process line.

In order to do cable beautiful, I saw three types of line management process:

Waterfall model

This is a relatively old wiring shape, and sometimes you can still see the trace. It adopted the "Water Curtain Cave on Flower Fruit Mountain," the artistic image, from the patch panel of the module directly to the twisted pair heave down the distribution of a very pretty neat when the level of influenza (24-48 roots on each twisted pair ).

This model has the advantage of saving labor management line, the disadvantage is more, such as: easily damaged when installing network equipment shapes, and even easy to install in place of the phenomenon of network equipment; all the weight of each twisted pair into a pulling force, the role of In the back of the module. If prior to the termination point on the twisted pair is not bandage, then this rally may be in a few months, several years after the module and the twisted-pair separation, causing disconnection fault; event in the patch panel in one module need to re-termination, that maintenance personnel can only probe into the "curtain" within the construction, sometimes wearing dozens of roots twisted pair, and not because of bi-directional light source, resulting in termination when the blind.

Reverse line management

Reverse management module line is terminated in patch panels after, and through testing, further management line. The method is to start from the module to the rack outside the management line, also carried out within the same bridge management line. This has the advantage of handling line test, will not pass a test root UTP caused management to re-line, but the disadvantage is due to both ends (inlet and the patch panel) have been fixed in the engine room of the bound to a particular number of random lines (usually in the bottom of the cabinet).

Reverse the general management line management line for the man, with eyes and hands to complete management line.

Reverse line has the advantage of management testing has been completed, do not worry about the back of the cable length of the cabinet. The disadvantage is that because the cable ends are fixed, cable will have a lot of crossover between, to reason very neat effort, and in between two fixed end there must be a twisted pair is scattered, the often under-floor office (next into the line), or ceiling, on (upward mobility lane).

Forward Management Line

Positive management line is terminated before the patch panel cable management. It is the inlet from the engine room began to organize cables paragraph by paragraph, until the patch panel of the module until the Department. Reasonable line of conduct after the termination and testing.

Forward line management goal is to be achieved: from room (or room network zones) inlet to the level of twisted pair wiring cabinet to each 16/24/32/48 port patch panel as a unit, forming a Beam-beam level of twisted pair wiring harness, each beam line all the parallel of all the twisted pair (UTP within a short distance, parallel lines produced will not affect the overall performance of the crosstalk between, as cable tray and wire tube Laying the most of each twisted pair, partly dissipate into the atmosphere, is not parallel), all the parallel between the wiring harness; in cabinet after each bending beam twisted pair advantage of the opportunity to lay the patch panel rear, the entire process remained within the twisted pair wiring throughout in parallel. Each module in the back of the module from the wiring harness at the bottom of the corresponding twisted pair out, after confirmation of fixed shore line in the module shelves or go into the hole patch panel module.

Management line has the advantage of being able to ensure the engine room wire at each point are neat, and will not be cross cable. The disadvantage is that if the cable itself was damaged when threading, then the test pass will create new management line. Therefore, the premise of positive management line is the quality of cable and stringing enough to grasp.

Management line has the advantage of being in the room (computer room between the network area or weak) in the inlet to the patch panel from among all the neat, parallel, very beautiful. Disadvantage is that construction workers on their construction quality to have a full grasp, only to re-terminated in basically not be carried out based on the forward line of construction management. In this article, based on the current cabling engineering company has been able to grasp the reality of project quality, recommended management line process forward.

Positive management line labor required is about 1.5 people per 24 line takes about 40 minutes (excluding the time to find line number). Tools required are as follows:

Li line list of tools being

Management line management line board is an indispensable tool for positive, it can be used fibreboard, laminated boards or planks made in the field can also be used in post-production company.

Management board production line approach is very simple: measure the diameter with a twisted pair cable, and attach to form 2-4mm diameter cable management board, and then board the strength of selection between the hole and the hole spacing in the horizontal planning board 5 lines, vertical lines designated five written code after the space left after the board determined length and width dimensions. Under the excess part of the cut or saw, use the pistol drill crossed the intersection in order to set the aperture drilling 25 holes, you use coarse sandpaper to chamfer the edge after all, write in the lateral (or engraved) 1-5 in number, written on the vertical (or engraved) AE number after you're done.

Line management board is a 25 hole square plate (corresponding to 24 patch panel suitable pore size 5 脳 5 board management line, you can also use 4 脳 6,8 脳 8 and other specifications), single-sided printing, you can wear every hole a standard twisted pair. Imagine: When the twisted-pair cable penetration management board, the relative position between the basic fixed, according to its position when banding is not prone to large dislocation phenomenon appears more difficult to cross-cable phenomenon.

Objective: Use 24 1U patch panel, patch panel cable from the right rear (looking back from the patch panel) shifted patch panel, twisted pair wiring harness at the bottom out of turn from the patch panel, to ensure top The twisted pair has been arranged to last from 21 to 24 modules.

Note: Figure 1-24 in number for the patch panel module number, not really needed to fill in, and the patch panel modules correspond to the line number number.

Management board need to use the appropriate line management line management line of the table with.

Line management is an artificial definition of the table form, when using 5 脳 5 line management board, management and 5 rows on Table 5 of the table, each cell corresponds to a hole. Complete line of table management can have a variety of ways, each corresponding to one kind of fill in the order of method. Introduced in the picture on the right one in the order (the hole on the figure represents distribution frame module number):

Fill in the actual line management table should correspond with the patch panel port cable lines 1-24 tick line management table, so that line numbers on the number of modules and patch panels-one correspondence. Under normal circumstances, when the patch panel layout is completed, you can use EXCEL's linkage function, automatically form the rationale for each patch panel line table.

Forward the basic construction technology management line as follows:

1, the patch panel fixed in place, install the bracket behind the front will print the line number of the panel of paper into patch panel (or posted on the patch panel), the module can be removed if the patch panel, then should remove the module;

2, line management board positioning: Management Board in line before threading should determine its direction, so that line management board logical line hard-line course does not need to reverse the direction of the nearest hole to allow the natural targeting E1 1 module, then Line management board 2-5 hole and patch panel 2-5 parallel. This method is usually used to locate: first line vertically on the management module, 1 behind the front of the 1st hole to E1 module (with the word side towards the 24 modules), and then holding down the wire management line of board route toward the future, to move the engine room inlet, moved to ensure that management appears only parallel line board, not rotate, when the management board to reach the inlet line when the line of plates down management orientation (mainly A1 hole the location of the position) in order to line up each piece of management board to use.

3, management board threading line: in the engine room of the inlet side, the management board by two lines determined by the direction of the plate position adjustment is good, the standard twisted-pair line by line number table according to penetrate management line management board (there are A face their own words, the line side of the word never penetrate plate), This process is generally completed two: one to find line number (as long as the line to find the management board can be required to line number) and its separated from other cables, one to line management line of plate penetration hole corresponding to. It should be noted that the twisted pair cable should be all through the management board, that is, line management board should be close to the inlet side, so as to ensure that the twisted pair into the room all by finishing;

4, route management line: first logical line of the lateral plate (no word side) with a nylon cable tie to penetrate the roots of management board of the twisted pair line tied into a bunch; then management board along the lines specified in the direction of route to their translation, translation 100mm plate lateral roots after the logical line of nylon cable ties once again lashing (previous banding to prevent loose), and you should pay attention to the formation of round wire harness, and wiring harness should be outside the line management line of boards outer circle line, the middle line management line of boards within the beam line to determine the relative after all twisted-pair parallel to the patch panel has been to maintain the most remote module posterior (ie back of 24 modules) ; continue to shift management board 200mm line around the lateral root logical line board lashing with nylon cable ties, attention should be maintained of each line with the previous position when the same banding, some lines are not allowed into the inner from the outer layer, or into the outer layer allows the inner line; turn pan, until the patch panel so far;

5, wiring harness fixed: logical line process, if next to the bridge on the face or cabinet hole bar line bar lines within the board, should harness the same time in lashing lashing wire harness on the bridge or the cabinet, so as not to harness down;

6, corner management line: When the pan turns encountered in the process, they must make reasonable line of board close to the turning angle, turning the corner along the side, not lashing then paste the corner (due to the inside corner office lines are short, long line outside, so if the bandage and then turn straight line, corner office will harness deformation). This requires that all wiring must be in the field bandage, not in advance and then moved to the site to post-banding;

7, bracket management line: When the rationale behind the line of patch panel bracket plate on arrival, the first wiring harness lashing in the bracket, and then shift forward, each time before the arrival of a module will harness banding once Then separate the line number corresponding to the module. This process should be equipped with 2: 1 point line, a line of people pulled from the patch panel distribution frame front to the back (if the module can be unloaded from the module holes will line through to the front to go), while 2 sing the check number on line number and MDF panel numbers are the same;

8, complete the management line: when the last one to wear to the patch panel front line after line of board of management has not a line, and then the beam line management line end.

9, will be out of the management board to re-wire line to get into the mouth, use the next 24 patch panel cable management table, in turn repeat 1-8, to complete a bunch of lines under the management line of work, until all complete multi-beam line management line (branch management line)

When the cabinet has a number of patch panels, each patch panel's wiring harness should be reasonable line, respectively. However, the binding wire rack panel width is limited (typically a width of 100mm), only 3 to 4 side by side lashing beam 24 of the wiring harness, and the cabinet depth of 800mm right up to put two binding wire board (cabinet twisted pair should be within the level of unilateral bandage, so as not to affect the appearance), which may not reach the level of banding 200 twisted pair of goals. Then you can use the second-line management, first line management using the 8 脳 8 board bar the 48's wiring harness (6 脳 8), to a certain height, Adds a reasonable line of 5 脳 5 board the harness points 2 beam, to continue handling line to patch panels.

Some companies use the comb for positive management line management line management line of the tool plate to avoid threading the time-consuming process, but the management line comb and disadvantages. For example: the process of logical line of twisted-pair easily escaped from the comb; If the management line can not be completed immediately, a few days in the line management line of hair out may have their own, and you have to re-wire into the comb.

Now, some cabling vendors have introduced a special line of equipment management, from photos to see if need to take up additional rack / tray space, which may be useful for reducing line interference, but also asked the cabinet / bridge greater space. This is required for each cabinet to accommodate hundreds of twisted-pair when the root is the need to be considered before construction.

Distribution Cabinets

According to the management line, the process can be found on the cabinet wiring system has special requirements. Production plants in the cabinet, often equipment cabinet (installation of public broadcasting, security, industrial control equipment), communications cabinets (installation of computer network equipment, optical terminal boxes and other equipment), server rack (installed on the server computer), and wiring cabinets (installation of an integrated wiring patch panel and computer network equipment) and other types of plants in the cabinet, most production equipment cabinets and server racks, dedicated to the cabinet wiring cabling systems are rarely produced. So many engineering companies in fact use the equipment rack or cabinet to replace the wiring cabinet communications.

Cabinet wiring cabling system is a special custom cabinets. The special point is to add some accessories unique wiring system, and the layout of the proposed special power requirements.

In the cabinet's rear left side (looking forward from behind, between the rear panel and the column), all closed before installing a metal power groove, which extends from the bottom cabinet to the cabinet top, in which the top dedicated to the fan power socket. Vertical installation completely closed metal power groove to avoid disturbing the power generated on the level of twisted pair. In most of the cabinet, using a standard installation of the power delay line board, this structure makes it part of the power outlet and horizontal spacing between the twisted pair is less than 200mm, so it is not the ideal power distribution structure.

Bar-line panel: In the cabinet on the right rear (looking forward from behind, between the rear panel and the column), install two 100mm wide, iron, board, 10mm intervals along the vertical direction to open a 5 脳 100mm waist hole, iron length of the base plate from the cabinet to the roof. Similarly, in the left rear (power supply between the tray and column) to install the same piece of iron. Alignment of the outer plate appearance requirement smooth, no burrs, so as not to damage cable, bar line piece of metal plate close to the ground power trunking, cable laying in the side and can only transmit voice-size on the number of cable;


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